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  • Older men dating younger women have been popular for ages. Now that older man dating sites exist, it is realistic for anyone who wants to enjoy an older dating site to do so. These sites are great as they offer you the ability to search for only those interested in older dating. No need to worry about navigating through younger women who aren't interested in older dating.

    Older man dating sites are great, but they are filled with other men looking to date younger women. To easily make matches you need to make yourself stand out. This guide will help you to make the most of an older man dating site.

    Take It Slow

    Every part of using an older man dating site should be taken slow. Going slow ensures that you don't make a mistake. Besides mistakes, taking your time also ensures that you don't leave anything out and that you enjoy the whole dating experience. It all starts with taking the time to set up your profile.

    Setting Up Your Profile

    Chances are that any woman you date on an older man dating site is going to want someone with some character. Your profile is your chance to show all of the younger women that while you are older, you aren't out of life. By going slow when you craft your profile you can make sure it truly shows who you are.

    The most important thing you can do for your profiles is to inject life into it. A dull profile will make it hard to find a match as an older man dating a younger woman. Use action words and vivid imagery.

    Finding the balance between too short and too long is also important. There are multiple ways that you can gauge whether your profile is the proper length. Because every dating site is different, looking at other profiles on the site can help you to get an idea for how long yours should be.

    Another option is to read through your profile and attempt to determine whether or not you are conveying all of the information that you want to in your profile. The last of the common options is to look at the examples that the dating site offers or by looking at their blog for their advice.

    Giving users who read your profile something to mention when talking to you is essential. Breaking the ice when dating is difficult, even when using older man dating sites. The pieces you leave in your profile act as ice breakers.

    Choose The Right Photos on Older Man Dating Site

    Any online dating profile must have at least one photo. A blank profile picture will quickly turn people away. They won't know whether you are a real person or not. Your profile will also be plain without a photo. Choosing the right photos can make the difference between finding a match or not.

    A good photo for your profile has several important aspects. Most importantly, you must come off as an upbeat person. Science says that smiling in a profile picture makes you far more attractive and likely to find a match. This is most effective when the smile is a natural one.

    Photos of you out and about are also important. No one wants to see a bunch of photos of someone at home, it comes of as boring. Active photos of you engaging in your favorite activities is important. This reinforces the active profile you wrote. Try to get a minimum of a couple of different activities in your profile photos to show you in different lights.

    Selfies are boring for a dating profile, especially for older men dating younger women. Selfies aren't even a good option for younger men on most dating sites. Ask a friend to take some photos for you. Turn it into a day-long photo session where you go about and do various things. This allows you to get photos in a variety of environments and have a higher chance of getting usable photos.

    If you have trouble getting a smile, have your friend tell a joke just before they take the photo.

    Keeping your photos up to date is important for older dating. If your photos are more than a few months old, it is time to add a photo or two. A fresh photo adds something new to your profile and shows the younger women you are still interested in dating.

    Plan Ahead To Be Prepared

    As the man on an older man dating site, you will have to be the one to send the first message the majority of the time. In order to make a great first impression, plan before you start messaging. You don't need to plan out every word, you just want to have some material ready to help.

    Some things that you should have ready include:

    • Classy pickup lines (having a few cheesy ones doesn't hurt)
    • Clean jokes
    • Facts about yourself
    • An interesting story or two (preferably from your life)
    • Some reusable, open-ended questions
    • Entertaining date ideas to suggest

    Having some conversation material ready will prevent you from spacing when you get a message. If you wait too long to respond, it could turn the other person away. A dull conversation can do the same. It will also help to prevent delays in responses which may come of as a lack of interest.

    All About Messaging On Older Man Dating Sites

    Spending time to create attention-grabbing messages will make a big difference when it comes to getting a response. A message needs to be more than a “Hi!” or “Hi, how are you?” An older man dating younger woman will need to put effort into their messages, just like everyone else. There are a few important things to keep in mind when messaging on older man dating sites.

    Looking through a woman's profile to find inspiration is the best way to craft an engaging message. Find something you have in common and ask them about it. Alternatively, you can ask them about something on their profile that piqued your interest. Including something from their profile also shows that you took the time to read their profile.

    Some people want to jump straight into talking about sex in their first few messages, don't. Remember that we said to take it slow. Most women do not want sexual messages from people they do not know. If you spend the time to build a relationship, the sexual messages will be far more rewarding.

    Also make sure that you respond to every message, even if you aren't interested in the person. Every conversation that you have is a chance to learn. It never hurts to have practice telling someone you aren't interested. You may have to do it in person and doing it online can give you the experience to help for when you have to do it in person.

    If you come across something that wasn't covered in this quick guide, you have two options. One option is to go with your instincts, which is what you will have to do when actually on a date. The other option is for you to go and read more articles like this. Our site features plenty of articles to help you with your dating adventures.

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